Berdych suffered an unpleasant Frenchman, and Safarova went on

SUMMARY OF FRENCH OPEN FRENCH OPEN Tennis players Tomas Berdych and Lucie Safarova moved to Roland Garros in the eight-finals, which may be followed by Petra Kvitova on Saturday. On the other hand, Lukáš Rosol finished up in the third round of the French clay.

Fourth set Berdych was in charge with Frenchman Benoit Paire 6: 1, 6: 7, 6: 3 and 6: 4. Safarova defeated German tennis player Sabine Lisická 6: 3, 7: 6. Rosol lost to Teamsuraz Gabashvilim three times 4: 6.

Berdych had certainly managed the first set, but in the second he did not hold a break with Radek Štěpánek and the set came in tie-break.The Frenchman tried to play a lot of shorts in the style of Štěpánek, in one game he gave them five in a row, but he did not play as skillfully as the Czech veteran and gradually dropped them.

Berdych dominated again with his strength and it was only A question of how long he will stay in the court. In the third set the Czech player came to the first break, but the other was already holding and the set was upgraded. In the third he led fast 5: 2, but he let the French still reduce to 5: 4. Paire was trying to keep the audience out of the crowd, but Berdych did not let himself get out of the rhythm, and he made his opponent mistake for the first time.

“It’s not important how the game was going, but it’s important to handle it. From the beginning, I had a tight hand in my hand.There are some downsides, which I have to improve, but overall it was a good match, “Berdych said. Roland Garros will play fifth in the semifinals, with another home tennis player Jo-Wilfried Tsong, who defeated today 7: 6, 6: 4 and 6: 3 Spaniard Pablo Andújar: With a 30-year-old Frenchman, Berdych has a positive 6-1 win over five months, three weeks ago, in Madrid in his first double clay match, More complex. It will have the maximum effort and it will be different than playing it anywhere else.The last match with him was good for me and I’m going to try to build it, “said Berdych.

Safarova handled Lisika

Safarova tournament has entered a match with Lisicka prajka It turned out that it was enough to win the first set, but in the second it lost the first service and almost came the set, two setbolts, the first in the 3: 5 and the second winning forhendem after the game later turned away and the game ended in tie-break “After changing the sword she raised the Safari’s hands over her head and rejoiced visibly more than in the previous rounds.

” In view of our balance, I took the game as a challenge. And the fourth round of grandslam is always a great success, “Safarova commented on her celebration.” I played a patient aggressive game.I knew I had to push her first and wait for the most convenient moments. I was in the decisive moments stronger, “she described the match with Lisicka, which was defeated for the first time after the previous two defeats. Now, Šafářová can look forward to Sunday’s eight-round match against Maria Šarapova from Russia, who defeated 6: 3, 6: 4 Australian Samantha Stosurova The current world double defeated Safarova only in the first mutual duel five years ago in Madrid, then four times succumbed, from that twice on the clay.

Rosol did not pass over the third round

Rosol played the third round in his grandslam career for the third time, and he did not get this one anymore.Against Gabashvilimu he did not manage to turn bracelets, he only took one out of seven and lost himself a total of four times. Gabashvili, a former Argentinian player from Guillermo Cañas, was more prominent in exchanges. “I had a chance, but I do not think it was the main difference,” Rosol said of unused brejkboles. “He played under the risk, and he fell in. He chose a good tactic and I did not have the answer, maybe I could have a set, but I must admit he played better,” Rosol said after a long hour and 40 minutes. > So far, one of the favorites Roger Federer is going through the tournament, playing Roland Garros for the eleventh consecutive year.The second-placed Swiss in the third round defeated Bosnian Damira Djumura 6: 4, 6: 3, 6: 2.

Men Singles – 3. Berdych (4-CR) – Paire (Fr.) 6: 1, 6: 7 : 4
Gabašvili (Rus.) – Rosol (CR) 6: 4, 6: 4, 6: 4
Gasquet (20-Fr.) – Berlocq ) 3: 6, 6: 3, 6: 1, 4: 6, 6: 1 Federer (2-Swiss) – Jumhur 6: > Wawrinka (8-Swiss) – Johnson (USA) 6: 4, 6: 3, 6: 2
Simon (12-Fr.) – Mahut (Fr. : 8), 6: 7 (6: 8), 6: 3, 6: 1,


Singles – 3. Safarova

Ivanovičová (7-Serbian) – Vekicova (Croatia) ) 6: 3, 7: 6 (7: 2),
Makarova (9-Rus.) – Vesninova (Rus.) 6: 2, 6: 3, 2: 6, 6: 4,
Cornetova (29-Fr.) – Lučičova-Baroniova (Chorv.) 4: 6, 6 : 3, 7: 5,
Scarapova (2-Rus. >

Pennetta (28-Sp. It is the only way to make it happen.

Husarova, Kania (SR / Pol. Kristýna Plíšková (Czech Republic) 6: 2, 6: 1,
Benedict, Siniakk (Switzerland / Czech Republic) – Kudrjavcevova, Pavljuchenkovova (10-Rus) 6: 4, 7: > Hlaváčková, Hradecká (9-CR) – Chuang Chia-Jung 4: 6,7 : 5, 6: 4