Cibulková has a tough training in Slovenia

Portoroz. Meanwhile, after a short rest three weeks preparing, of which the other two in Portoroz, Slovenia, currently venue of the tournament WTA Tour Banka Koper Slovenia Open on a hard surface.

Bratislavčanka twenty one year old, in the first of the meet young Russian Kseniia Pervak ​​left foot.

“There is little I can already feel as a domestic player. I Zatrénovala in local clubs and on’centri’, based accommodate us. I used to play with local coaches and young boys aged around 20-21 years . Most of them are studying in America for the holidays, however, are at home. the coach Zeljko Krajan has a very good relationship with the director of the event, used to come here and to Dinara Safina.We live in a nice apartment right at’maríne’. From clay tournament in Budapest and Prague, I checked out for minor problems with a right arm that arose during the grassy part of the season, “said D. Cibulková SITA. Three weeks physical training

With the change was related to another coach: “since Hertogenbosch has my fitness training in charge Dejan Vojinovič, which in the past belonged to the coaches of the team. Dominion that heat around 40 degrees, so we trained on the court nine to eleven and then up from fifth to seventh. ‘kondičku’ and we did so that I was breathing for the largest PÁLAVA.It’s been a tough three weeks, but as the saying goes: a hard drill, easy on the battlefield. “

Paris Grand Slam semifinalist Roland Garros in 2009 was already in 12th place in the WTA world rankings. Now it is 43 . position, but approaching the period in which it can only gain. Last year, because virtually all fall premaródovala with a stress fracture of the rib. the initial half of the season Cibulkova announced. the Czech coach sit down

“It was a bit extravagant in that I have the third coach. With Jaroslav Bulant we unfortunately too sit down, then I have three months back to Peter Hruncak and gave me very much, I honed strikes helped me.Regards the obligations and liabilities Petra Hrunčáka but was more – or less clear that I will not be able to consistently devote full time. The current coach wants me to more use of my strengths and played more aggressive and more offensive especially through the forehand. “

Cibulkova perceives tournament in Portoroz, especially as a platform in front of the traditional overseas summer” Hardová “series, which will culminate in the 30th August – 12 September New York’s US Open. “Previously, poses in Stanford, San Diego, Cincinnati and Montreal, perhaps in New Haven – it remains to be seen. In Slovenia, I would ripple well, because then quickly go into a solid. Pervak ​​at the opening round at all is not an easy lot.I climbed it even at the junior level at the end of the 2005 season in Florida, I remember that annoying played tennis. It then had only just 14 years, now it will be a different game. “