Coach Uhrin would be happy if Slavia did not get home at home

Although the fame is unlike the previous duel with Levadia Tallinn and Riem Ave in the final 4th round of the European League against Anderlecht Brussels in the role of outsiders, according to coach Dušan Uhrin junior, the position of the team does not change fundamentally. With the team, he wants to do the maximum to advance to the group. With the absence of a midfielder, Josef Hušbauer, the coach has prepared two variants of the set.

“I do not think it’s an advantage that we are not a favorite, we want to move forward and do it for the maximum. We were previously with the Portuguese, I think it’s important that the cabin tension is.Everyone wants to succeed, “ said at the Uhrin press conference. ” I would be happy if we did not get a goal at home, “he added.

It is clear to him that the duel with Anderlecht Will be the biggest review of the newly-built and strengthened team that has returned to the Cups this year after nearly seven years.

“We play the cups to find out what those players have. Basically outside of Dušan Šventa and Milan Skoda, who jumped in the national team, none of the players played such a hard game. It is important to play such a difficult game and still have to be winner to bring you a lot, “Uhrin said.

In the opening game of the 4th round, he will have to go without a penny-punished midfielder Hushbauer. I> “We will have to play a bit differently.I have two sets in my head that I’m spinning now. Let’s see if we play two defensive midfielders or one. I will decide according to the quality of today’s training, “said Uhrin.

Anderlecht has made a remarkable change in the last few weeks and the basic set is very unreadable. ” The strongest site is in the offensive phase. There are a number of technical and fast players in the wing rooms, and the extreme defenders also attack. They have defeated the dominant player Defour, they have young players in the middle row, they do not even know how to play. Otherwise, we do not know how to play in defense. We have the information that two trackers have left in the last 14 days. There they had a big weakness and maybe we could play two attackers, “Uhrin added.