Martin is the winner of the play-off and rescue: MHC has just defeated Dukla

MARTIN – An important match to play off but also to rescue, the two teams started with caution, thinking primarily about defense. 2 minutes into the game, Dzubinu Rusnák started to score with T. Klíma on the other hand, had a real chance. Nagya L. Klíma was a disappointment, however. In the 9th minute the host Toman was eliminated and the homeman took advantage of the game in 45 seconds.

At first Suja did not score close enough, but after Markovich’s pass, Vazan directed exactly and opened the score.

The home has been a better team since then. Then the Martincans did not use the second shot, but just after returning Habsud from the penalty bench, Finsterle pushed himself close and with his first goal in the MHC Mountfield jersey secured a home double goal lead. At the beginning of the second third, Nagy’s attempts to destroy Važan and Perniš.

At 24.minute was eliminated home Fujerik. The Prelove took Dukla for 63 seconds thanks to the most experienced pair on the ice, when Janov lost 2: 1 after Petrovicky’s pass. In the 27th minute the home team was already excited, Themara goal was not accepted by the referees for the position of one of the Martin players in the goalpost. The home team had a significant lead in this part of the game, but they did not score another goal in the 90-second play of two players, when they were several times a goalman of Trenčín.

Nagy also held the guests 39 minutes after the individual Suju action. In the third third it was a struggle for every puck. Dukla has been pushing the attack more, having more of the game and more shooting opportunities. The home crowd was not impressed. The greatest chance of the visitors was 56.Comeek, but Dzubina’s priručnik za online sportsko klađenje attempt was dismantled. With 58 minutes played, Martina Markovič put the ball away for the second time, but refused to score another goal for the visitors. The home team tactically mastered the game, defended themselves in the game without the goalkeeper and won a minimum of 8th place in the table and after 4 years they play again in the play off title.

Daniel Babka, coach Martin: Usporedba online kladionica “Trenčín started better. us to match got good play power play. he held us was Dzubina, which attentive defensive players helped the other players. we are happy that we have finally broken into the playoffs.”

Milan Staš: “Before a very important struggle we did not miss the determination, but we did not confirm it on ice.We have won two goals and nervousness and psychological pressure binds our arms and legs. How to shoot goals had to show the young player 40-year-old Jánoš. Unfortunately, no one else came to him. We’ve improved after the game, but we lacked our room, experience and a bit of luck. “

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