Murray: EURO? We’re watching Lendle, we want to fight England with the Czech Republic

Andy Murray is not only tennis live. On Sunday, after the final triumph over Milos Raonic, he celebrated his record fifth tournament triumph from the Queen’s Club, the first after a renewed collaboration with Ivan Lendl. The attention of both world and Czech legends is also attracted by the ongoing European football championship and they are both clear. In the defeating battles they would like to see the duel of England and the Czechs. After Sunday’s winning final battle, Andy Murray complained about the absence of coach online bet Ivan Lendl at the ceremony. “Where is Ivan?It was really nice of him to stay, “laughed the world’s two fans.

The absence of an eight-time glamor champion was clear in his regular blog at” Ivan needed a bounce, but I’m glad He managed to watch the ceremony at least indirectly, “explained Andy.

About football

” We do not leave anything to chance in the Wimbledon preparation. We are on the court every day and everything works as it should. My team is now extremely powerful and I’m convinced that my game will only help.

Andy Murray has also voiced a new coach of his final rival, Queen’s Club, Milose Raonice, who is John McEnroe: “Normally, I’m never looking at my opponent’s box, But now it was different.Well, I noticed him sitting there in a baseball cap and emotionally experiencing the match. “

About my game

” The fight with Raonic has given me a lot of self-esteem. Beating the grass of someone as good as Milos, who has one of the best service in the world, is great. It has proven to me that I’m going the right way, just to keep this performance. It’s all about concentration and that’s what Ivan helps me to, “continues the Wimbledon winner in 2013.

” The basis of my game on the grass is return, that’s the best shot I can put on.I do not always give the opponent a chance to break, but in almost every match I get the opportunity and at that moment I have to show my strength. It’s about patience and waiting for a chance, “continues the winner of 37 tournaments on the circuit.

” Raonic served fine in the finals, I was long without a chance, but when the opportunities finally came I could use them Is exactly what I have to practice in Wimbledon. Wait and then hit, “Murray is clear.

About the family

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