Real Madrid or Barcelona? Just do not need Leicester, he worries Buffon

Turin. Juventus players in Turin have already fought the Champions League quarter-finals. Through FC Porto they have passed a total score of 3: 0 and will wait for a Friday Nyon jersey.

Goalkeeper Gianluigi Buffon does not have a dream opponent but wants to avoid Leicestru City. The English champion has severed Sevilla and led by coach Craig Shakespeare to win all three matches. Read also: Read also: Inverted Overweight Coach? The captain kicked out the English singles Fears of the English Champion

“Let us have someone else, not Leicester.The English team plays with enthusiasm and passion, “Buffon admitted.” He has weapons to hurt his stronger opponent, he runs dangerous contours. He has been able to ban the ruling European League winner, leading by the highest Spanish competition, which speaks clearly, “he said.Juventus did not score a goal at home and moved to the quarterfinals (8 photos) Juventus made a 2-0 lead from the Port Dragon Stage, defeating Paul Dybalu’s goal in the final half of the season.

“I want to thank all the boys for their performance and congratulate them for the quarterfinals,” said the coach. Juventus Massimiliano Allegri.

“The first half was very good for us, we checked the ball and did not zoom in.In the big advantage we played as if we were playing half the gas. We have to avoid such deaf phases if we want to think about the semifinals, “priznal.https: // Stats = 1

Porto again paid for exclusion, in the opening duel saw red card Alex Tellos. “There is no doubt that the exclusions affected the course of the matches.The paradox is that when we had less than one player on the pitch, we kept a clean account, “said Nuno Espirito Santo, the Portuguese team coach.” It’s hard to say how it would be if we were in Porta Iker Casillas has become a new record player in the number of starts in European club competitions, “said Nuno Espirito Santo, coach of Nuno Espirito Santo. .

On the ground of Juventus, 175 watched.duel on the European scene, which overcame the enrollment of former Italian defender Paolo Maldini. Read also: Read also: Casillas overcame Maldini record, no more meetings in European competitions

Long Captain AC Milan has had 174 meetings. / p>

The crushing majority of the games (157) captured Casillas for Real Madrid, in 2015 he switched to Porta after Santiago Bernabeu lost his post.