SHOW. Fury after the title sang to the woman Aerosmith, Klika did not believe

Caught, shocked and with several market blows. He left the unscathed Colossus for eleven years, Vladimir Klicko. The tall girl was given to him by the British giant Tyson Fury. The new boxing champion, with whom a marvelous life story has been linked, has taken the microphone after his biggest career victory, and has taken up 55,000 people at the Düsseldorf football stadium.

“I saw myself in the mirror and it really was not A nice look, but that’s a box, “Klicko, who lost to Fury on points and lost four master bands by WBA, WBO, IBO and IBF, played his 28th title.

For the Ukrainian crusher, Who had been running heavy weight for nine and a half years, the game in Düsseldorf was very unusual.He usually has a 198 centimeter over the opponent’s top, but this time he was even higher than his opponent. Fury is incredibly high 206 centimeters. “The reach of the arm played a big part, I was trying, but it was not really true, I was not fast enough,” said Klička.

Fury name after Tyson

Filled his father’s prophecy. The offspring of the Irish nomads was born three months before the date and the doctors did not give him much chance of survival, but John Fury told them that his son’s fate is to live and become a world heavyweight champion.

And the second of six Sons also famously named after former American boxing champion Mike Tyson.

“That’s what I’ve been trying for all my life.I was born to fight, “he pounded in Fury’s chest.” I dreamed. I’m probably the sixth or seventh heavyweight champion from Britain, but I think I’m the first from Ireland. “In the euphoria that springs not only from victory, Fury in the ring sang his pregnant wife Paris and the 55,000 audience in the audience hit I Do not Wanna Miss and Thing by the Aerosmith group.” Yesterday I learned that we are waiting for a child. We tried for two years, so it’s a cherry on the cake, “said the British thunderbolt, and he did not believe in the singing of the famous song with his own eyes, and instead he turned with a bottle in his back.

This was just an evening Tyson Fury.