Straight to football sadness. Champagne and celebration of Lions

Mourning the mood after two unsuccessful matches of the A team? You would have been looking for this in vain in the streets of Strahov offices before the press conferences in vain. At the entrance guests welcomed the hostess and the champagne was served. However, no spectacular party took place. It was only the representatives of the union that allowed the celebration of the direct election procedure to 21 years on the EURO in Poland. “When you came here, you probably thought we were going crazy, but we did it deliberately,” Jaromír Šeterle, the manager of Jaromír Šeterle, explained the untraditional step.

On Strahov, Traditionally the two coaches have met.While Vítězslav Lavička was in the mood for a 21-year-old selection, his colleague Karel Jarolim was defeated after defeat with Germany and a no-draw with Azerbaijan. But with mood, the union officials did not want to be bound. On the contrary.”We think that, as often as we criticize what will not do and we are sad, we should be able to gain a little bit of appreciation and to rise above the daily reality And enjoy those moments when something goes wrong, “explained manager Jaromír Šeterle in a cheerful mood, just after he had played the clipped moments that” lions “had experienced during the qualifying round. “Direct progress to the EURO, where only nine teams have been doing this, is worth the moment here to make it really nice. Have a drink and say something more positive about Czech football before we can hear about the team later, “he added.

According to his words, everything in the team was under 21 years old.An important element was that in a very short time managed to build a good implementation team, which gave players quality service and worked at full speed. Sheterle also recalled that the advancement to the championship was the original goal of the FAFC chairman Miroslav Pelta.

“It seemed very difficult at first, because we started with the first qualifying game, but it was definitely not unrealistic . We have had full support from the Chairman.He assured us that the boys had material support, logistics worked great, and our match was at the level that today’s time demands, “Seterle continued.

On the other hand, the player pushed for them to be such a service Redeemed their performances on the pitch. “Otherwise, those talks have no value at all,” said Sterle. They took his words to the heart and gradually, thanks to honest performances despite the small hits, they made direct progress to the championship in Poland.