Symbols of the Trinity Revival: the Return of the Žežek and the Slovak reinforcements

For the first time in the season, they won three races behind. The return of the attacker Lukáš Žejdl from the hosting and the arrival of Slovak troops – defender Tomasz Slovák and the strikers of Ján Sýkor and Marcel Hossa, even if he managed to play only one match than he got sick. during December it grew to five players. Marcel Hossa and Ján Sýkora, who came from Pilsen, agree that getting used to the new team is not a big problem for them.

“I think I can play hockey just like Hosička, I just play for another team.But even in it we try to perform the best, “said Jan Sýkora, who is temporarily in the team in exchange for Erika Hrňu.

Hossa concluded a contract in Třinec by the end of the season. >

It is clear why he decided for the Steelmakers: “My role was also the fact that I got closer to my home in Trenčín. But the cadre is extremely strong in Trinity, so I believe it’s only a matter of time when we start to pedal and collect points regularly. “

That’s what Sýkora hopes. “There’s a great team here, with some guys I know earlier and personally,” he said. “And that the Steelmakers were not doing well? In hockey it happens that once you are up and down once.I believe we will be up. “

At their premiere with Zlín (3: 1), Hoss and Sýkora played in one attack, with the center being made by Jiří Polanský. But when Hossa got sick, Sýkora got used to the other teammates. “In Plzeň we played with Hosička all the time together, so we get used to it,” said Ján Sýkora. Marcel Hossa refused to think that the Třinec hockey players were in some spas when they came to the team. “There are a lot of experienced jerseys, so I believe we will move forward,” he said.

The coach Jiří Dopita is also helping the team. “It is obvious he has something behind, he has the experience.He does not panic, he speaks with great calm on the court, and he also gives the players, “Ján Sýkora noted.