The cheerleader did not manage the home team: Head of Košice with debacle from the second Nitra

KOŠICE – The two teams started with a careful defensive and set off in rapid counterattacks. The first chances were made by the “steelmakers” in the 3 minutes behind Spilar’s back, but he did not face Kristan.

Four minutes later, on the other side, they opened a duel score after a Hylaka Byte error – 0: 1. Even in the next round, the game’s image did not change, the players of both teams skimpled well, struggled and threatened to breed. At 11.minute in front of the single-player domestic defender Klouček, but the situation did not change. The chances were on both sides, the biggest one had two minutes before the end of the opening twenty-minute Jenčík, with his escape in weakness he was advised by Kristan.

In the active game, the protagonists of the two teams continued at the beginning of the second third. In the 24th minute Ruckay was on the way, Hylák held his team. Five minutes later, Gmitter and Hrnk came to a standstill, and the second named after a millimeter pass beat the Nitrian goalkeeper – 1: 1. The guests responded after 32 minutes after the penalty shot Lukáš Novák, who attacked Klouček – 1: 2 in a weakness.On the other side, 38 minutes after finishing his sentence, he got to the puck on the offensive blue line Cebak, but Kristan did not let himself jump for the third time in the game.

in 42. after the confusion before the home goal got into the two-goal lead. The goal scored in the goal of Segľa – 1: 3. A minute later, Hylák pushed his goal from the goal to the right corner of König – 1: 4. The active guests broke through with a goal kick, but at 48 o’clock they collected from Kloucek stick, which used the 5 to 3 – 2 power play. The match fate decided in 53 minutes after Tománek’s defeat, which escaped against Riečický beton – 2: 5.At the end he could be crowned by the victory of the guests Lelkeš, he shot only the construction of the košická branka.

Anton Tomko, coach of HC Košice: “We were unhappy. midfield and waited for our mistakes.Opper got off to a point and trained us in the effectiveness at the finish.We did not take the chance and the lucky one turned to the other side.The meeting was that Nitra took full advantage of our opportunities.We wanted to play offensive

< em> “In Košice it is not easy to win, so we are very happy with the result.The victory was based on the credible performance of Kristan, who fixed our mistakes. There was little, he caught about four separate leaps. The first third was not brilliant on our side and we scored for one chance. In the second we balanced the game, and paradoxically, when we got to the bottom, we collected a blue line after a mistake. Finally, we managed to turn and shoot other goals. “