Vajda gives Djokovic good, Hrbatý thinks

BRATISLAVA. Wimbledon’s new winner and new world squad Novak Djokovic from Serbia join Marien Vajda with former Slovakia’s daviscup representative Dominic Hrbatý.

Hrbatý reached the top 100 in the 1996 season and then moved him to the 13th place in 2000, 2001. Djokovic has already reached the summit. Trainer: 20-30%

“In my opinion, the coach has a score of twenty to thirty percent on the player’s scores. Others are up to the tennis player, “said 33-year-old Hrbaty.

“Maros Vajda is a nice, fun person, with Novak the ideal saddle. Rising the world unit is extremely difficult, Djokovic has had a perfect match. “Vajda started training Djokovic after Roland Garros 2006 when Novak was 40.ATP site.

“Maros has brought psychological well-being to the co-operation,” Hrbaty continued. “Novak can see he’s having fun with tennis, he can play with a smile on his face, relaxed. It is the most important thing for tennis. Many players can not do this – play tennis for joy. And when they learn and are at the top level, they can become world troops. “The grass has a ballet run

Hrbatý had a balanced balance of 1: 1 with Djokovic in career. He made it to the challengers in Bratislava in 2004 and played with him on the same court in the Sibamac arena at the Davis Cup meeting four years later.

“Novak sometimes had a weakness – forhend. When he got under pressure, he started to defend, and it slowed his game.Today he has no weaker side, “he said.

“He always played fast, standing close behind the baseline. Now it has greatly improved the impact security. No fluctuations, no easy faults. This season he has an excellent return, making him pressure on the opponent to make more risk-taking. “

Djokovic has a 48: 1 Wimbledon match, losing only to Federer in the Roland Garros semi-finals. In Novak’s game most of the time he has a service, “Dominik said. “He believes he has a high percentage of first time in each match.And so he can play offensive, pressure. “

Djokovic has so far reached the semifinals in Wimbledon (2007, 2010).

“Novak has improved most in the grass compared to last year, slipping behind the balls,” noted Hrbaty. “Grass is surface-intensive. I know what I’m saying. I have never learned to move around. I was tough, I was running hard. There must be a tennis player with ballet running, with delicate steps. Like Djokovic or Nadal. “Djokovic has a lead over Wimbledon ahead of Nadal with 2015 points, Federer loses over 4000, and fourth Murray is over 6400 points.The tennis of this quarter will continue season season and will be transferred from the grass as well as the hard surface tournaments.

“Novak plays in a fabulous form and may have one weakness – himself. How is it going to cope with the pressure of the world unit, “thought Hrbaty.

“Everyone will now want to pull it out. As a leader, it can last for half a year, maybe a year. That would have to justify the previous victories. It will be seen after the year. “