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La palabra "anabolizantes" proviene de la palabra "anabolismo", que significa "síntesis". Los anabolizantes son todo un grupo de agentes con diferentes estructuras y orígenes que pueden potenciar los procesos de síntesis proteica en el organismo. La vida es una forma de existencia de los cuerpos proteicos, por lo que es evidente la amplitud de uso de los anabolizantes, siempre que sean total o relativamente inofensivos.

Steroids in bodybuilding: effects on the body, contraindications

Their main purpose is to make you stronger and more enduring. If you start taking them, you will become faster, more massive and so on. All this has made them extraordinarily popular in such a sport as bodybuilding. This is where gaining mass is very important. It's not just about getting fat, it's really about gaining muscle. Statistically speaking, steroids USA allow you to gain muscle in half the time.

Because of their ability to penetrate cell membranes, legal steroids have the ability to have a complex effect on muscle tissue. By forming a bond with the androgen receptors in the cellular nucleus, the substances stimulate the synthesis of newly synthesized protein molecules.

The most popular forms of anabolic steroids USA are powders, tablets, and products for intramuscular injections. Taking these kinds of drugs has become especially popular among athletes. 

What are the possible side effects of anabolic steroids?

In the vast majority of cases, they are determined by the dosage of the drug taken - because the higher it is, the greater the probability of various side effects. The most common ones include: 

  • Changes in emotional and social functioning;
  • Facial hair growth;
  • More body hair;
  • Increase in acne;
  • Deeper voice;
  • Baldness with male pattern baldness;
  • Changes in fat location;
  • Increase in muscle mass;
  • Absence of menstrual periods.

Benefits and Effects of Anabolic Steroids

  1. Faster recovery time
  2. Suppression of catabolic processes
  3. Enhanced synthesis of protein in muscles
  4. Activation of the gene apparatus in target cells
  5. Increased red blood cell mass
  6. Metabolic acceleration

 Anabolic effects of steroids bodybuilding USA: 

  • Muscle mass growth;
  • Increase in strength;
  • Increase in endurance and speed performance;
  • Strengthening of bones;
  • Reduction of fat stores; 

Androgenic effects: 

  • Suppression of own testosterone production (testicular atrophy);
  • Acne and acne;
  • Prostate hypertrophy;
  • Loss of hair on the head (depends on genetic predisposition) and increased hair growth on the body and face. 

Additional effects of best steroids USA: 

  • Increased libido (potency);
  • Increased appetite;
  • Enhancement of mood and well-being.

Una sobredosis severa de esteroides anabólicos puede desarrollar un efecto catabólico con un aumento de la tasa de descomposición de las proteínas musculares y el desarrollo de una deficiencia de nitrógeno. Esto se debe a dos razones: en primer lugar, un exceso de esteroides anabólicos puede aumentar la función tiroidea, lo que provoca un balance negativo de nitrógeno al aumentar bruscamente la oxidación de proteínas debido a la deficiencia energética; en segundo lugar, un exceso de esteroides anabólicos puede ser convertido por el hígado en estrógenos, que inhiben las respuestas anabólicas en los hombres.

En vista de lo anterior, la prescripción prolongada de dosis bajas de AS es preferible a la prescripción a corto plazo de dosis altas. Además de la retención de nitrógeno en el organismo, los anabolizantes también retienen iones de sodio, magnesio, potasio, azufre, fósforo, calcio, etc., lo que puede provocar un edema en caso de sobredosis.

Types of steroids

Anabolic steroids USA are divided into:

  1. Androgenic
  2. Anabolic 

Steroid drugs USA with pronounced androgenic properties are the most powerful and effective anabolic steroids. They are the best way to quickly build muscle mass and strength. But the risk of side effects from taking androgens is also very high. The most powerful, effective and popular steroids USA is testosterone. It is responsible for male sexual characteristics: the type of figure, hair and other things. It is with the injection of testosterone and related to the "transformation" of women bodybuilders in masculine athletes.


To the androgenic steroids USA (pronounced androgenic effect), we can include drugs that have high both anabolic and androgenic index. These are: 

  1. Testosterone propionate
  2. Testosterone Enanthate
  3. Testosterone Cypionate
  4. Sustanon
  5. Omnadren
  6. Methandienone
  7. Methyltestosterone 

In addition, these steroids USA are confirmed to aromatize.

Anabolics (anabolic steroids) USA 

Derivatives (derivatives) of dihydrotestosterone, which have a high anabolic and low androgenic index but have androgenic effects:

  1. Stanozolol
  2. Turinabol
  3. Metenolone
  4. Masteron

Legal steroids USA (steroids that have no androgenic side effects and have a high anabolic index):

  1. Boldenone
  2. Nandrolone
  3. Anapolone
  4. Oxandrolone
  5. Trenbolone

How to choose the right steroids 

At the moment, not all steroids in the USA are suitable for novice athletes. Most of the drugs are specially designed for experienced athletes. The prime examples of such drugs are trenbolone acetate and trenbolone enanthate that surpasses even testosterone. Experts recommend that beginners take such drugs as testosterone propionate, turinabol, stanozolol, methandienone, boldenone, etc. Proper intake of legal steroids will avoid side effects, and the effect is sufficient, in particular for those who previously did not take heavy sports pharmacology. 

Any expert will always recommend beginners to take the most mild steroids USA, which allow you to obtain results without causing serious side effects. But do not be upset, because over time, you can start taking stronger anabolic steroids USA such as oxymetholone, omnadren, tri-tren mix or single esters of trenbolone, etc. 

Where to buy steroids 

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