Anapolon tabs is one of the strongest oral steroids. The stimulant is characterized by a notice..


Anapolon tabs is one of the strongest oral steroids. The stimulant is characterized by a notice..




The main active substance is Oxymetholone, which has been actively used since the middle of the last..


This is a drug with extremely high anabolic activity, which is 350% of the activity of testosterone...


Each athlete is attentive to the choice of medicines, so it is important for him to combine a decent..


This active substance is interesting primarily to those athletes who want to increase the maximum am..


Oxymetos can achieve such indicators due to the fact that its anabolic properties are at the level o..


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Buy oxymetholone

Buy oxymetholone. Oxymetholone is an anabolic in tablet form. This steroid helps not only build muscle mass, which is extremely important during the off-season, but also increase the strength of the athlete. Bodybuilders consider him an elite representative of AAS. Oxymetholone should be bought to obtain a high anabolic effect. Therefore, the tool has become popular among security officials who are interested in rapid mass growth.

Features of sports medication. tv network you can find many reviews regarding the action of the drug, because the price for oxymetholone remains acceptable. Among the popular anabolics, it occupies one of the main places. The first synthesis of a substance occurred more than half a century ago. Development and promotion was initially provided by Syntex Pharmaceuticals Lab. The purpose of the substance was to combat osteoporosis and anemia. At the same time, the development of medicine in this direction has led to the appearance of less toxic substances, so the drug is sent to the sports industry.

Oxymetholone price

The action and effect of oxindrol. The main advantage of the substance is a rapid increase in athlete's body weight. The muscles begin to increase as quickly as possible. Oxymetholone leads to inhibition and a decrease in the concentration of globulin, which binds testosterone. This helps to provide a strong and stable effect for the development of muscles. It is natural for a powerful steroid that about 30 percent of the mass is represented by a fluid that will leave the body by the end of the program. The amount of weight gained per course will be up to 15 kg, but as a result, the athlete will receive about 7-8 kg of high-quality dry muscles. During the use of anabolic steroids, the muscles become swollen and bulky.

Oxymetholone should be bought for a number of reasons:

  • synthesis of synovial fluid, which reduces the risk of injury;
  • reduction of pain during training;
  • quick weight gain;

Dosage is set depending on the performance of the athlete at the time of admission. The average amount of the drug is up to 100 mg, but athletes with a body weight per 100 kg can consume 150 mg of the drug. In our online store for oxymetholone, the price remains affordable, so you can verify its effectiveness from personal experience.

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