Apollo has gained wide popularity in power sports due to its pronounced vasodilator effect, which im..


Cabaser  is a drug used to suppress prolactin secretion. Therefore, he found application in bod..


The main property of the drug, the price of which will pleasantly surprise everyone, is an increase ..








The active substance in Clomos is Clomiphene Citrate. It is used in PCT by athletes who use ana..




This product is not a steroid. It is a drug used to increase libido. Aesculapius is a pure..




Clomidizol is taken gradually, starting with large doses and gradually decreasing. The dosage o..




At the correct dosage and with the correctly calculated duration of administration, Pregnyl, whose p..




Cabergolin is a steroid profile bodybuilder drug that is mainly used in PCT.  The drug is avail..


Gonadotropin is a chorionic gonadotropin. This drug came to bodybuilding from medicine.&nb..


Gonadotropin 1/5000 IU is an innovative drug used in the sports field to stabilize the hormonal back..


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To buy post-cycle therapy

Post-cycle therapy for bodybuilders. Athletes who dream of reaching new heights actively use steroids in the training process. It should be understood that in addition to successfully increasing weight, strength or endurance, they expose the body to the serious effects of chemical elements, which at high concentrations can be dangerous even for professional bodybuilders. For this reason, it is recommended to use anabolic steroids during training, combining them with special supplements. Post-cycle therapy, the price of which is in front of you, helps to eliminate the negative consequences, and also helps to prevent various diseases. Most often, antiestrogens are included in the course of such drugs, but not only these substances are needed to maintain the body in a normal state.

Effective use of PCT. Post-cycle therapy, which you can buy on our website, is a complex of pharmacological drugs that are required for the normal functioning of the body after the completion of the next steroid program. The task of PCT is also to eliminate or minimize the risk of side effects, provided that the prescribed dosage is observed. Post-cycle therapy helps:

  • control aromatization in the body;
  • reduce the rollback effect after stopping the use of steroids;
  • exclude the manifestation of gynecomastia in men;
  • restore the production of your own testosterone.

Post cycle therapy Price

High-quality post-course therapy, the price of which is in front of you, can be used in two ways. The first involves the intake of substances during the use of anabolics. This includes aromatase blocker and derivatives. Another category of substances is represented by medicines that are used after the completion of the main course. This includes antiestrogens.

Post-course therapy in the form of aromatase inhibitors is used by athletes on the course. These drugs include anastrozole and Proviron. Blockers help to eliminate the aromatization process or reduce its intensity in the body. Otherwise, testosterone will turn into estrogen. If you are interested in post-cycle therapy, you can buy it in our catalog. Here you can compare prices from different manufacturers and learn more about the effects of each drug.

Post cycle therapy price in BuySteroidsGroup online store

Pregnyl 5000 Original 5000 IU Organon 30.00€
Apollo (Viagra) 100 mg Balkan Pharmaceuticals 25.00€
Clomed 50 mg Balkan Pharmaceuticals 25.00€
Magnyl Magnus Pharmaceuticals 5.00€
Cabaser Original 1 mg Pfizer Labs 5.00€
Post cycle therapy. Frequent questions