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Gonadotropin is a chorionic gonadotropin. This drug came to bodybuilding from medicine.&nb..


Gonadotropin 1/5000 IU is an innovative drug used in the sports field to stabilize the hormonal back..


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The drug is gonadotropin. The active element of the drug is gonadotropin of the chorionic type. The element helps to stimulate the production of steroid hormones, and also resembles the action of luteinizing hormone. When a substance is in the female body, it starts the process of producing its own estrogen after ovulation is complete. In the presence of the substance gonadotropin in the body of a man, it helps to synthesize testosterone, which is what athletes need. The appearance of antibodies due to injection of the drug by science is not fixed.

Human exposure to the drug. The peak content of the substance in the blood of women is observed after 20 hours from the moment of injection. Men reach their maximum after 6 hours from the moment of use. The price of gonadotropin is low, so the speed of its effects can be verified personally by ordering a medication on the site. You can enter the drug exclusively intramuscularly. Subsequently, it is well absorbed by the blood. Half-life occurs 1.5 days after use. Experiments have shown that more than 80 percent of the drug decomposes into components in the kidneys, and then leaves the body with secretions. Men should buy gonadotropin in a number of situations:

  • Decreased reproductive function;
  • Slow sexual development;
  • Desire to increase testosterone production for sports purposes;

Gonadotropin Price

To use the solution, you must mix the product with a solvent. The introduction is carried out intramuscularly for the most rapid effect on the body. Our price for gonadotropin remains democratic, which allows everyone to use the drug and get a guaranteed result. An important difference of the substance is that it is not one of those prohibited by the anti-doping committee. For this reason, athletes are actively using it. It helps to recover from courses of heavy steroids so that the body begins the production of its own testosterone.

Gonadotropin is not difficult to buy if you use the help of a trusted company. We have many years of experience, which allows us to offer site visitors an extensive catalog of pharmacological agents. We only cooperate with well-known manufacturers, and also carefully consider the wishes of customers. Additional information can be obtained during communication with the manager.

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