is an online pharmacy specializing in the supply and sale of medications for the maintenance of the sexual health of men and women. The online pharmacy is focused on the buyer, therefore it offers the most favorable terms of cooperation, and most importantly, it guarantees anonymity to each client. We understand and respect the right of each client to complete confidentiality, therefore we have carefully taken care of the security of processing and using personal data of buyers.

When buying on the website of the online pharmacy, each client enters personal data and accepts the terms of the privacy policy, giving consent to the collection and further processing of this data. To ensure the security of personal information of website users, we use a special SSL system.

SSL is a special protection that prevents the leakage of personal data of buyers. Thanks to the use of SSL protection, all information entering the site passes through a secure protocol through a secure connection to the browser and server. All data entered on the site will never go beyond its limits. Thus, we guarantee 100% safety of clients' personal information. More information about what data we collect and how we use it - below in the text.

Collection of personal data: what we collect

The collection of personal information is carried out in accordance with the law on the protection of personal data and complies with the requirements of the General European Regulation on the protection of personal data. The collection of data is voluntary. Customer personal data is personal information that the store requests at various stages of the ordering process on

What information do we need:

  • Full name, surname and patronymic;
  • Contact phone number;
  • City of residence, address;
  • Electronic mailbox.

Also, cookies transmitted by the client's browser, the IP address, as well as information about the buyer's location are also collected and processed.

Why do we need customer personal data

The purpose of receiving and processing the client's personal data is to organize the purchase and delivery of goods. Access to such information has a limited number of people who are employees of the online pharmacy and have received special permission to process personal data of customers. The information received from the client is stored and processed in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which is a regulation of the European Union.

How the online pharmacy uses the customer's personal data

The online pharmacy collects, processes, stores and uses personal data of customers in accordance with applicable law solely for the purpose of:

  • Informing the client about the status of the order;
  • Familiarization with current discounts, promotions, great offers;
  • Even faster order processing if you already have a valid account on the pharmacy website;
  • Providing full information and technical support.

If there is an error in the specified personal data, please let us know. The online pharmacy will take immediate action to correct or remove any incorrect information.

Transfer of personal information to third parties

The personal data of customers never leave the database of the online pharmacy. guarantees maximum protection of personal information from any unauthorized access.

Cookies and IP address

The online pharmacy collects and processes cookies and the user's IP address. The use of this data is solely for marketing purposes. The received cookies allow the store to receive information about your behavior on the site, thus, in the future, use this information to provide the widest possible choice and achieve customer satisfaction. The collection and processing of this data is carried out only with the consent of the customer of the store.

Possibility of cancellation of personal data

Each customer of the online store may opt out of advertising mailing, and may also object to the collection, processing, use and storage of their personal data. This can be done by contacting the store in any convenient way. To stop collecting and processing cookies, as well as the client's IP address, it is enough to leave the store's website.