Enandrol is a prolonged steroid drug that helps normalize the natural production of testosterone in ..


We bring to your attention the injectable steroid drug Test E, the active substance of which is Test..


As we said earlier, the main effect is a rapid increase in muscle mass. This effect is primaril..


The main difference between Enanthate and other testosterone esters is that its half-life is 6-7 day..


Testodex is different in that it stimulates the healing of wounds and sprains. Consequently, it..


Anabolic activity - 100% of testosterone; Androgenic activity - 100% of testosterone (high); Aroma..






Testosterone Enanthate from is an esterified form of testosterone. The drug has an anabolic eff..


As we said earlier, the main effect is a rapid increase in muscle mass. This effect is primaril..


Innovative equipment and technologies are used in the production process. The drug is an ester ..


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Composition of anabolic steroid

The product is a yellowish oily mass. The active ingredient is the ester of natural testosterone dissolved in oil. The chemical formula of this compound is C7H14O2.

The product is produced by various pharmaceutical companies. The most popular and sought-after drug is Testoviron Depot (Galenika). The steroid is available in ampoules, regardless of the manufacturer the dosage is the same - 250 mg of ester in 1 ml of suspension for injection.

This form of male hormone is characterised by its long-lasting action. The ester is slowly absorbed into the bloodstream from the injection site, providing a uniform supply of free testosterone over a long period of time.

This form was developed specifically to reduce the frequency of injection by increasing the duration of action of the drug.

As a result, the injections are active for 3-4 days, and then the concentration of the steroid slowly goes down, so the drug can be injected 2 times a week.

As a rule, most manufacturers produce 5 or 10 ampoules in a single pack.

Testosterone preparations are widely available in pharmacy chains, but can only be purchased with a prescription.

Testosterone Enanthate Indications

The product has a pronounced androgenic effect, so it is used in the treatment of diseases associated with a lack of its own hormone.

The main indication for the use of all testosterone preparations - hypogonadism or testicular insufficiency. However, in such cases, the drug is used only on prescription.

It is important to choose the correct dosage and optimal therapy regimen.

The second purpose of the steroid is to increase physical performance in professional athletes. It is for this purpose that Testosterone Enanthate is most commonly used.

Bodybuilders use injections for fast lean muscle mass gain and increased endurance.

Injections of this steroid provide fluid retention. The male sex hormone is responsible for harmonious muscular development and increases strength levels.

Instructions for use and dosage

Testosterone Enanthate to correct the hormonal background in hypogonadism can be taken only by prescription. In these cases, a complex therapy is indicated.

Athletes are recommended to inject 1-4 ampoules of the medicine per week. The injection should be made intramuscularly. The steroid for gaining muscle mass is used solo, no other steroid medication is needed during the course.

The oily solution is injected into the gluteal muscle. Due to the dense consistency of the drug, long needles should be used. The product remains under the skin for a short time, forming a small bump. After the injection, it is advisable to massage the area to allow the drug to "disperse" through the body more quickly.

The first injections may be quite painful due to the specific consistency of the solution.

Depending on the dosage chosen, injections are given from 1 to 4 times a week. The maximum allowed is 1 ml of the drug per day. Beginners in bodybuilding are advised to start with 1-2 ampoules per week. Experienced athletes may increase the dose to 500-1000 mg of Etanate, i.e. 2-4 ampoules per week.

If Testosterone Enanthate is used, the course of therapy lasts 10 weeks, and then a long post-course therapy (PTC) is started in order to maintain the injection result.

SCT after a course of Testosterone Enanthate begins 2-3 weeks after the end of therapy with the hormone. This part is very important and cannot be ignored.

The goals of SCT

  • Restoring the normal hormonal background of a man;
  • Maintenance of the achieved results;
  • Preventing the development of the "phenomenon of regression;
  • Preventing dangerous side effects that occur during steroid withdrawal - gynecomastia, testicular atrophy, etc.

Post-course therapy consists of taking anti-estrogens (Tamoxifen, Letrozol), chorionic gonadotropin - these drugs reduce the risk of hormone imbalance, testicular atrophy and breast hypertrophy.

Contraindications and side effects

Injections are contraindicated in the following cases

  • Individual intolerance to the drug;
  • adenoma and cancer of the prostate gland;
  • atherosclerosis of the vessels;
  • liver and kidney disease;
  • hepatic insufficiency;
  • myocardial infarction;
  • diabetes mellitus;
  • peripheral edema;
  • heart failure;
  • hypercalcemia.

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